Artist PR and Marketing Services

The Media Blast provides rising recording artists of all genres of music a chance to be seen and heard beyond their social media and sound cloud pages by offering affordable yet effective PR Campaigns and marketing service packages.  If you or your artist would like a custom made PR campaign or marketing plan, please e-mail us at for more information.

The Primary Media Blast Artist PR Package ($100 for a 5 Week Campaign)   
The Giant Blast / Media Blast package includes.... * Creating and maintaining a promotional blog for the artist / band and maintaining it during the promo cycle. The promotional blog will include updates on the artist / band such as news, publicity, press, show dates, new song uploads / releases, links, etc. The promotional blog will be presented as a static web page. * Booking the artist or band on several different podcast shows, live streams and blogtalk radio shows in our network as well as having the artists' music featured and played on some of the stations and platforms. * Having the artists' music blasted to our associated DJS and record pools for review and/ or spins. * Providing the artist with more publicity by having the artists' music placed and featured on various high trafficking blogs, websites and web based publications such as Black Vibes, Southeast Hip Hop, The Beat Yard, The Mixtape Kingdom, Elle McLin, Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, Essentially Pop, The Brand New Hip Hop Blog, New Hollywood Online and more! The features will be in the form of write ups, reviews, interviews and featured posts. * Having industry professionals give detailed testimonials and short reviews of the artists' singles and having the quotes featured in the promotional blogs provided by us. * Having the artists' music available for streaming on the Blacktopia and Giant Blast Mobile Apps. * Creating an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and assisting the artists with forwarding and shopping it to promoters and event organizers that could possibly book the act for upcoming events. Although we don't guarantee a booking or paid show, during the campaign we can certainly assure the artists that we will get the information to the right hands, and making your brand more attractive to those promoters that may eventually book the artists in the future. * Assisting the artist with creating a story centered around their brand and music to generate more awareness and a buzz for the artist. All this is only $100 for a 5 week campaign. E-mail to get started.


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