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Rising Star in Music and Art: Simply Tee

Spotlight on Simply Tee: The Multi-Talented Music Producer and Illustrator

The Media Blast is proud to spotlight a rising star in the creative industry: Simply Tee. Known for his exceptional talents both as a music producer and an illustrator, Simply Tee is making waves with his unique blend of auditory and visual artistry. His journey from childhood prodigy to accomplished professional is a testament to his dedication and multifaceted abilities.

The Evolution of Simply Tee

Born Thomas Stafford, he adopted the moniker "Simply Tee" to represent his artistic persona. Formerly known as T-Staff, a name also derived from his birth name, Thomas decided to simplify and streamline his alias, resulting in the name Simply Tee. This change reflects his straightforward approach to art and music: clear, impactful, and true to his essence.

Musical Prowess

Simply Tee’s musical journey began in his early years, with a passion that has only grown stronger over time. "I have been making music since I was a child, the same thing with art," he recalls. This lifelong commitment to music has made him proficient in several audio programs and music-making software, with Reason being one of his primary tools. His ability to craft beautiful sounds is matched by his technical skills, allowing him to produce music that resonates deeply with his audience.

Artistic Excellence

In addition to his musical talents, Simply Tee is an incredible illustrator. His artistic journey began in high school, where art was his major. He honed his skills through formal education and practical experience, including an internship at Arrow Records and studies at Omnitech Institution in Decatur, Georgia. Now based in North Carolina, he continues to create stunning abstract art, bringing his sketches to life through digital enhancements that give them a glossy, polished finish.

A Dual Talent

What sets Simply Tee apart is his ability to seamlessly blend his talents in music and art. As a producer, his proficiency in various software tools enables him to create intricate and layered soundscapes. As an illustrator, he uses technology to elevate his sketches, ensuring they meet his high standards of quality and appeal. This dual talent allows him to express his creativity in multiple forms, captivating audiences across different mediums.

Community and Collaboration

Simply Tee’s journey is also marked by his commitment to his community. Now back in North Carolina, he often works with media teams in local churches, contributing his skills and experience to support their projects. This collaboration not only enhances his own growth but also enriches the local artistic and musical landscape.

The Future of Simply Tee

As Simply Tee continues to evolve as an artist, his future looks incredibly promising. His dedication to both music and art ensures that he will remain a significant figure in both industries. Fans and followers can look forward to more innovative sounds and stunning visuals from this multi-talented producer and illustrator.


Simply Tee is not just a name but a symbol of artistic excellence and dedication. His journey from a young, passionate artist to a recognized name in music and illustration is inspiring. At The Media Blast, we celebrate Simply Tee for his contributions to the creative world and look forward to seeing his future endeavors.

Stay tuned for more updates and projects from Simply Tee as he continues to make his mark in both the music and art industries. For those seeking inspiration, Simply Tee’s story is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with passion, talent, and perseverance.

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