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Faunt, known offstage as Shawn Fauntleroy, embodies the true essence of hip hop with a unique blend of Bronx grit and Virginia's musical diversity. Born in the birthplace of hip hop, the Bronx, Faunt grew up surrounded by the raw, urban energy that defines the genre. His journey, however, took him through the cultural tapestry of Virginia, where his musical palette expanded to include soulful melodies and diverse influences.

A Journey Through Cultures

As a Gulf War Veteran, Faunt has traveled the globe, experiencing the rich cultural landscapes of places like Hawaii, Kuwait, Dubai, and Mexico. These travels have profoundly influenced his music, infusing it with a broad spectrum of sounds and stories from around the world. Each track Faunt produces is a reflection of the diverse cultures and experiences he has encountered, making his music not just a listening experience, but a journey through his life.

Influences and Style

Faunt's style is heavily influenced by hip hop legends such as Mos Def, The Roots, Common, Nas, and The Wu-Tang Clan. His music is a nod to the golden era of boom bap hip hop, characterized by its rhythmic beats and profound lyrical content. Faunt's storytelling prowess and lyrical depth set him apart, allowing him to create music that resonates deeply with his audience.

Multifaceted Talent

Not just a rapper, Faunt is a multifaceted artist. He excels as a songwriter, producer, music engineer, and rapper, pouring his heart and soul into every aspect of his music. His work is driven by a genuine love and appreciation for the culture, and his goal is not just commercial success but true artistic expression. Faunt's music is a testament to his passion for hip hop, offering listeners an authentic and soulful experience.

Collaboration with The Media Blast PR

In 2024, Faunt is set to make a significant impact on the hip hop scene, thanks to his collaboration with renowned publicist and Public Relations expert Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR. This partnership is poised to elevate Faunt's presence in the industry, bringing his authentic artistry to a wider audience. With Coleman's expertise and Faunt's undeniable talent, the world is about to witness a true artist sharing his soul through music.


Faunt is not just another name in the hip hop scene; he is a true artist with a deep connection to the culture and a story to tell. His music is a blend of gritty urban energy and soulful melodies, influenced by his travels and the legends of hip hop. As Faunt teams up with The Media Blast PR, 2024 promises to be a breakthrough year for him, marking the beginning of a significant and impactful journey in the world of hip hop. Keep an eye on Faunt, as he continues to share his passion and authentic artistry with the world.

Watch the latest music video from Faunt titled "Mathematics" at the YouTube link above!

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