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In the ever-evolving realm of talk shows, one rising star has captured the hearts and minds of viewers and listeners nationwide. "Empowering for a Better You," affectionately known as EFABU, is the brainchild of the charismatic host Lil' T3rry, and it has swiftly become a certified hit since its debut on Facebook in late February of 2024.

What sets "Empowering for a Better You" apart is not just its engaging content but also its meteoric rise in popularity, thanks in part to the strategic prowess of Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR. Serving as Lil' T3rry's talent manager, publicist, and the show's co-producer, Coleman has played a pivotal role in EFABU's success, helping to grow Lil' T3rry's official page into a digital powerhouse.

Airing every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern on streamyard, EFABU covers a spectrum of topics, from social issues and relationships to current events, music, and entertainment. Lil' T3rry's mission with each episode is clear: to empower guests, viewers, and dedicated followers alike, leaving them enriched with new insights, a brighter perspective, or a sense of empowerment.

The show's guest lineup reads like a who's who of industry luminaries. From music and entertainment insider King Jacob to veteran songwriter, producer, performer and former Sugar Hill Records artist Clayton Savage, EFABU has welcomed a diverse array of talent. Prominent businesswomen Debra Sue of Glass City Talent and Tiffany "Sunshine" Brown of Sunshine Brown Entertainment, along with hip-hop producer, rapper, and spoken word artist Faunt, have graced the EFABU stage, captivating audiences with their stories and expertise.

Looking ahead, EFABU shows no signs of slowing down. With a roster of upcoming guests that includes Gubernatorial Candidate for Washington State Ambra Mason of the Constitution Party and Ghanaian Afro-beat sensation Twicy, Lil' T3rry's page on Facebook is a must-follow for those seeking enlightening conversations and empowering experiences.

Join the EFABU movement and tune in for upcoming shows and replays, as Lil' T3rry continues to empower, enlighten, and entertain audiences across the nation.

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