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The Media Blast kicks off Women's History Month by inviting you all to step into the world of excellence and achievement as we collaborate with celebrity gourmet chef, caterer, and esteemed businesswoman Rochelle Lisa Russell, to shine a spotlight on a remarkable figure. Join us as we pay homage to the illustrious Debra Sue, a titan of industry hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Ohio. In celebration of Women's History Month, we extend our deepest admiration and recognition to this distinguished businesswoman, humanitarian, and talent manager, whose unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have left an indelible mark on both her community and the realm of business. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted as we delve into the extraordinary life and contributions of Debra Sue, the driving force behind Glass City Talent and Management.

Rochelle Lisa Russell honors Debra Sue in her own words.  

I have known Debra Sue of Glass City Talent 419 Talent Management Agency for over 7 years. She has been my manager, handling all my contracts for celebrity clients that chose to use my services as a Caterer when they come to town. Debra Sue is a multiple business owner, and she also sits on many important company boards including one of the oldest Toledo shelters for homeless women and children - Beach House 1&2 aka Leading Families Home.  She is a board member of C.R.A.V.Y. (Citizens Response Against Youth Violence), Historic Vistula Community Awareness Connection, LLC, the Historic Vistula Foundation, Business and Professional Organization, the Toledo Design Collective, and she is a Mayor approved Commissioner for the Toledo Historic Commission. Debra is also a regional/local Phi Kappa member.


Over the years she's become more than a manager to me -  she's become a friend who supports my many different causes and has helped me cope through some life changing losses without requiring anything back.  When I first met Debra Sue, I watched her navigate in an industry where men ruled - yet she would not be pushed around by them or the play the games played within the entertainment industry. She goes hard for her clients, city, family and the people she loves.


Debra Sue is a fantastic manager, whether she's dealing with a chef such as myself, musicians, Authors, small business, start ups, and more.  And if you need advice, she's gonna give you the best information to help you without sugar coating it. 


Debra Sue and I work on two different community causes together every year because she has a passion to help the homeless and those affected by gun violence and preventing gun violence while providing support for those affected by gun violence. With a 20+ year medical background, her care for people is evident. She's also dedicated to revitalizing historical areas of the city here in Toledo, Ohio. 


I would recommend Debra Sue as a person people should get to know and possibly work with because I have not one bad thing to say about her management or character. But, I have many good ones!  She's hard working, dedicated to her clients, and gives back to her community on a regular basis. She's funny and dependable, and I am blessed to call her my friend, as well as my manager who stands firm on her own and does what's best for her clients.


Celebrity Chef Rochelle Russell

LeBre's Catering

Uniting Food, Music,And People

Toledo, Ohio




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