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In a crescendo of musical brilliance, award-winning Ghanaian pop sensation Twicy, under the banner of Dailey's Entertainment, has bestowed upon the world his long-awaited debut masterpiece, "Far Away." After a string of viral singles and music videos that left audiences yearning for more, Twicy emerges triumphant with an official project that encapsulates his sonic evolution over the years. The album, a meticulous anthology of new compositions, not only defines Twicy's distinctive sound but also becomes a sonic time capsule, capturing the essence of our era.

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic tapestry of "Far Away," where afro-beat instrumentals, adorned with tropical rhythms, create a harmonious backdrop that seamlessly intertwines with Twicy's entrancing vocals and lyricism. Each track unfolds like a chapter, revealing the artist's musical journey and narrative prowess.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with The Media Blast, Twicy meticulously dissects the thematic essence of each song, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the lyrical labyrinth of "Far Away." This album is more than a mere collection of tracks; it's a sonic odyssey that invites you to traverse the emotional landscapes crafted by Twicy's musical ingenuity.

"Far Away" is not just an album; it's a symphony of cultural influences, rhythmic explorations, and lyrical revelations. Available on all major music streaming services, Twicy's debut album promises to be a transformative auditory experience, an exploration of sound that transcends boundaries and takes you on a journey to the heart of his musical universe.

Twicy's "Far Away" album in his own words...

1. "Control"

Twicy: Control is a dancehall song that has a message of toughness and being in charge of your own thing and space. 2. "Live It Up" 

Twicy: Live it up is a song with a party vibe, very danceable and inspiring as well. 3. "All Over Me" 

Twicy: All over me is a melodious love song where TWICY describes his love for a lady.

4. "Far Away" 

Twicy: TWICY sings about a story of two lovers who find themselves in the midst of haters and decide to change location and move far away from these haters.

5. "Lotto" 

Twicy: It’s a song about seeking for a woman’s love and convincing her to do away with the unnecessary demands because you don’t have enough money but she in person is the money or lottery. 6. "Higher" 

Twicy: It’s a song that tells how strong I’m no matter how people try to pull me down I still go for gold 7. "Latest Issue" 

Twicy: Song talks about a woman feeling feeble because she feels she lacks certain assets as a woman but the song inspires the lady to gee okay about how she looks. 8. "Loving You" Twicy: Loving you is a song that talks about how crazy TWICY is in love with a woman every blessed day. 9. "Nyafo" Twicy: TWICY sings about seeking for God’s protection and blessings. 10. "Occasion" Twicy: It’s a sexy song where I sing about me already having a girl and dating another girl same time that has a boyfriend too. Girl wants sex soo much and so I tell her to take it easy and let’s do that on occasion.

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