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The Profit Room is a community. A family helping other families supplement their current income or replace their income by finding success in investing/trading.


Large financial institutions have a lot of moving parts, such as hiring financial analysis, business analysis, auditors, accountants, compliance officers along with many employees that keep the industry in working order.  The financial industry stays afloat because of the stock market and the different products offered such as mutual funds. Many people and businesses invest in mutual funds as way to grow their money over time. Your company’s retirement plan is a form of various mutual funds, your financial advisor will pin point you to invest in the “best” mutual fund based on a questionnaire.  If you are saving for your child’s college, more than likely it’s in a 529 plan which is allocated in mutual funds.  Union worker’s generally have “pension funds” which are also mutual funds.  Your financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman’s Sachs etc. generally all provide the same services to millions of people/businesses, that is in a form of mutual fund investing. Mutual funds are managed by institutions that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.


The Profit Room teaches people how to understand and profit from the stock market.  We are an educational company that financially empower people because we teach them what the “experts” do by taking control of their own financial situation. The licenses and certificates are usually red tape in order to work in the industry, however the more we educate people, they are learning that they do not need any of that to make money in the financial markets. The knowledge and skill set we provide to our clients enables them to be independent.  In an adverse event or a pandemic our students will be able to make money regardless, and that’s a skill to pass on to the next generation.

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