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          It's just something about the end of the year that prompts individuals to give a hard look on their life's journey from the previous months, reflect, reevaluate, and formulate a plan to improve their lives for the upcoming new year.  Although it's best to make changes to improve your life the moment you get the idea rather than waiting until the end of the year to start making preparations and adjustments to your habits and routines, the real challenge people face is not only procrastination (waiting until the New Year to "start") or falling off the wagon / backsliding but setting dates and charting the path to the destination itself.  Research claims that one of the most challenging parts of staying committed to achieving New Year's Resolutions and Self Improvement goals is that many people simply don't map out the steps or figure out what specific course of action it takes to get there.  

          Just in time for the new year, the time where most people are making an attempt to set new goals for themselves, esteemed software engineer and prominent North Carolina based businesswoman Christina Moody has found a solution to this ongoing dilemma by developing the new website GOALMENTUM.  Goalmentum is the only platform that provides results-driven tools for high-performing coaches, experts, teachers, mentors and masters that want to create a transformative group coaching program to hold their followers and pupils accountable AND assist them with mapping out the path to achieving their goals.  Goalmentum was born out of an idea to help individuals gain momentum to achieve their goals and discover new possibilities by making it easy to search for an expert and engage in a community of likeminded individuals all aiming for similar goals.  

Visit the official website and sign up at http://www.GoalMentum.com 


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Software Engineer and CEO / Creator of Goalmentum, Christina Moody


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