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Ieva Buko Breaks the Grass Ceiling in Europe with a Cannabis Concept Boutique

With the Cannabis Industry´s undeniable potential still far from fulfilled Ieva Buko is demonstrated to be a protagonist in the scene opening The Green Boutique. The Green Boutique is a luxury cannabis ¨members only¨ boutique in Barcelona, but it´s far from what you have experienced before, if you are in to cannabis. 

 The Green Boutique, located in a prime location within the centre of Barcelona, is an avantgarde concept store where cannabis meets music, fashion, art and entertainment to create an experience for its members that they will always remember. 

Interior design reflects opulence and comfort. It´s a cosy, safe and very social environment where the client can consume cannabis but socialize at the same time; it´s about making connections for a lifetime. Client oriented trained staff delivers the highest quality service, and obviously the highest quality product, to add to the green experience. The Green Boutique is quality of quantity. Events are key to keep the members informed about trends, music, products, world matters and innovations. It´s a place where members can spike their creativity. 

Ieva Buko, with her clientele, breaks the stereotypes of the industry. The persona of the typical cannabis user has changed. In todays cannabis industry the clientele is highly educated, working in top notch jobs. They are simply interested in cannabis because they have discovered the benefits of the plant, nourishing their wellbeing, improving their work ethics, improving their creativity and in general improving the quality of life. There are numerous studies that confirm increased productivity and creativity. 

When Ieva opened The Green Boutique back in 2019 she felt that the cannabis world needed something new, something that has not been done before. Studying the industry for many years, she felt that nothing represented the full power of the plant in a creative and connecting setting that represented the modern cannabis consumer. The Green Boutique connects the power of the plant with music, art and entertainment. 

Now in 2021 after the challenging pandemic, The Green Boutique became a statement cannabis member boutique in Europe. Ieva is proud but this is only the start of much more to come. The goal is to become an international leading cannabis brand once the legal frame permit arrives, to create a variety of products in ways you won´t expect. Is this the proof that the cannabis industry needs a female touch? 

About Ieva Buko 

Ieva Buko, originally from Lithuania, lived in London and The Netherlands. Currently she resides in Barcelona, Spain and she is a loving mother and wife. She graduated in International Business Management and Marketing and Commercial Law (UK). This lady in the ´little green dress´ is determined and driven by success. 

Today she successfully runs the international praised The Green Boutique and she was recently appointed as the official manager of Frankie Biggz. Frankie Biggz is an international Grammy Awards winner, Record Producer, Songwriter, Musician and DJ.


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