[BOOK RELEASE]: A 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness by LuLu Eye Love | www.TheHouseOfOshun.com


The Media Blast is proud to feature the latest tool from Lulu Eye Love of The House of Oshun, the new workbook / journal A 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness.  The book was created to help individuals in their self improvement journey by offering space to journal and chronicle their daily thoughts, actions and weekly events and review what they've written about.  The workbook / journal really helps people pay attention to the things they "pay attention to" and assists them with bringing it all together.  

The House of Oshun’s “A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives” is a series of books, journals, classes, courses, and manuals, which are designed to promote and encourage A.S.E. on many levels. The tools are created by Lulu Eye Love, a Practitioner of Intuitive Coaching and Counseling.  Each of us embody life in a physical body in which we learn from situations, life events, and individuals. How we deal with our environments at any given time determines if we are mindful and aware enough to graduate or ascend by doing the work needed to reach the next level in life.  As an Intuitive, the inner standing required to grow on a daily basis spiritually takes time to somewhat master. We are always learning as we live; remembering is vital here.  The journey that has led up to this planner has been what seems like a lifetime. During the many processes I have endured throughout my very own journey, I have learned through pain, love, patience, persistence, awareness, NDE, and stillness.  This journal is created and provided as a conscious guidepost to becoming more mindful. Anything you can do for 24 hours, you can do for one week. Anything you can do for one week, you can do for one month. And that is how habit forms. The act of mindfulness is the equivalent to being in a constant meditative-like state (for lack of better wording, dah'ling). Here, you will keep track of your observations on a daily basis for 90 days. If you miss a day, merely begin where you are. There is no catching up, only catching IN-the-now! Enjoy life moment by moment step by step!

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