[MUSIC NEWS] SLOW CHEMICAL releases the long-awaited follow up to SERVING ALL MASTERS!


Renowned "everythingist" (music producer, songwriter, spoken word artist, rapper, director, comic book writer, screen writer) SLOW CHEMICAL is BACK and this time with the long-awaited highly anticipated 2nd installment in his controversial / thought provoking rap EP series SERVING ALL MASTERS!  

The original SERVING ALL MASTERS shook up the underground and nerdcore hip hop scene with it's powerful messages, and Vol. 2 is expected to do just the same if not more!  This time around, Slow Chemical has enlisted the vocal assistance from indie music heavyweights Jonathan Ester, Gemstar Pre, Rock Dice and the growing in popularity The ZYG 808 (the son of legendary funk musician Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor). 

Slow Chemical's SERVING ALL MASTERS is available on many streaming platforms!  STREAM IT at the direct SPOTIFY link below 




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