Interview with Samuélli Léon of The House of Léon

Rising North Carolina stationed pop singer/ songwriter Samuélli Léon and his label The House of Léon has been getting a lot of recognition from fans to industry insiders and The Media Blast is proud to catch up with the buzzing artist for an in-depth one on one interview to discuss his music, his artists, his past and more!  

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The Media Blast:  How are you doing Samuélli Léon, are you ready for this interview?  

Samuélli Léon: I am  Ecstatic and I'm indeed ready for this Interview.

The Media Blast:  Where did your stage name come from?
Samuélli Léon:  Actually my stage name was memory stage name to begin with. It originally came from my fashion alias That I went by Around 2008. I came up with   Fashion name   Because had key elements of the fashion industry.  For example everyone knows that fashion is ruled by  Italy and France for the most part. I said To myself  Names always sound better with an I on the end. Thus taking my birth  Name Samuel Transforming it into Samuélli Of course it sounds Italian as well  And using my birth middle name Léon which sounds French and also means lion in Spanish and French.  My logo was even a written in Greek like this Σαμυέλλι Λέον to throw the fashion industry of there was any major Greek fashion designer yet. Being that I would dominate It was kind of like a joke on the fashion world. Considering I am I So called black man In America.  Truthfully a Hebrew Isrealite of the Tribe of Judah According to The Bible. I incorporated the shield of David or the star he just made sense you know.   A name of such great establishing And originality why not use it for music too it would just be my creator name lol.

The Media Blast:  Where are you from originally and where are you located now?
Samuélli Léon:  I'm originally born and raised  Wilmington North Carolina and it is currently  Where I reside taking care of my mother.

The Media Blast:  When did you start making music?
Samuélli Léon:  I started making music at about  6 years old there was a silk rose  That my father gift it to my mother Before he left  us when I was the age of 4. It played Fur Elise And that was the 1st song I ever played by ear.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to make music?
Samuélli Léon:  When I got about 10 there was these kids club or kids dances called jams. The DJ played shawty swing my way  By KP and ENVY  I wound up getting a grind dance on the speaker by a girl around my age.  I wanted to capture that emotion forever. And I said to myself at that moment if music can affect people like this  I definitely want it to be a part of it for the rest of my life. Thus Sam-Sam The producer was born.

The Media Blast:  Who are some of your musical influences?  
Samuélli Léon:  I have a myriad of musical influences that are very diverse From Michael Jackson to Bjork, Prince Rhianna, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Curt Cobain from Nirvana just to name a few. However I'm always myself.

The Media Blast:  How would you describe yourself as a musician and a vocalist? 
Samuélli Léon:   I would describe myself as a musician/vocal is definitely an acquired taste one of the best of my era. Something to be savored and enjoyed not just fastly digested with the fad music of this era. My stuff is gonna be around for generations.

The Media Blast:   Do you play instruments?  If so what instruments do you play and as a composer and producer what programs or software are you using?
Samuélli Léon:  I play many instruments from the keyboard to the banjo, acoustic guitar, accordion to the drums. I'm pretty much A late Eighties baby Reincarnate of Prince when it comes to my musicianship. I have used the reason program Along with fruity loops but I'm currently using garage band for all my of production and music needs right now complete studio, and I must say I'm killing it lol

The Media Blast:  Who are some of the artists you've worked with and collaborated with?
Samuélli Léon:  I have collaborated with A Colorful selection of underground artists including my artist signed to my label, but the collaboration projects that stick out are?  "Upside" by Samuélli Léon feat. Arson It's really his song featuring myself but for release sake I had to put it the other way around.  For my artist from Nigeria, Moonbwoi Epik his smash hit single "Ororo" which I wrote lol.  I will be featured on the remix soon This is the biggest song of his career, and last but certainly not least "100K" S. B Official feat. Samuélli Léon  Turnin up the airways right now. You can search these on all music platforms don't miss out.

The Media Blast: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Samuélli Léon:  OMG There so many artists. To be honest really the greats anybody who's left a major mark on music I would love to work with a Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams
Neon Hitch, Tierra Whack, Beyoncé, Erykah, Lauryn Hil,l Tpain, Bruno Mars, Andre3000, Fatman Scoop, Dj Taj Liljon, Pitbull, it would definitely be explosive.

The Media Blast:  Who are some of the artists that you've produced music for?
Samuélli Léon:  So far my production has been on the back burner for My artistry however I produced for myself and my female artist Alía.

The Media Blast:  When did you start your label The House of Léon?
Samuélli Léon:  I started my label in 2019 However I didn't officially open it and start signing artist till 2020.

The Media Blast:  Who are all the artists that you have signed to the label?
Samuélli Léon:  I currently have a male artist By the name of Moonbwoi Epik.  He's from Nigeria and he specializes in Afro beat and pop music.  I also have a female artist who is the 1st lady of my label by the name Alìa  She specializes in the Hip Hop R and B and pop music.

The Media Blast:  Are you looking to sign more artists in the near future?  If so, what types of talent are you looking for?  
Samuélli Léon:  I wasn't really trying to sign any new artist because I have had bad experiences in the past. however if you are serious about your craft taking it to the next level willing to put in hard work as I will for you and your music is positive if you have something diverse to offer to the world hit me up.

The Media Blast:  How would you describe yourself as a performer?
Samuélli Léon:  I am that.  Never boring, I leave my soul on the track in stage.  I mean I have the best vocals, but I use what I have and I make it astounding.  No one can deny that my music sounds good.  I don't think anyone critiques Rhianna on being a sound they does know they are music is going to be lit and a hit.
 Mary J. Blige is not a phenomenal vocalist but she leaves her soul on that tray and on the stage you can't deny her. I think all unique sounds are gonna have a roughness about anyway that was makes its beautiful. And I'm that.

The Media Blast:  Where are some of the places you've performed?
Samuélli Léon:  I perform that a lot of in use around my city around 2013 to 2016.  Then I use the Internet to revolutionize and transform my performance digitally by going live on facebook along with freestyling and cover songs etcetera and eventually his caught the attention of celebrities etc and my views are up up up.  It's funny how I wasn't getting much love in the beginning and now people beg me to perform  At Venues.

The Media Blast: What would you say are 3 milestones in your music career so far?
Samuélli Léon:  I am verified on spotify I'm verified on Google and also have an official artist channel with verification on YouTube.

The Media Blast:  What was one of the worst experiences you've had in the music industry so far and how did you bounce back from it or learn from it?
Samuélli Léon:  I got by the name of Trevor Alneeyo Beat me out of some money pretty much promising me things that were way less expensive for me to achieve on my own and not even going through with the promises he promised me one of my singles to be in all music stores he also promised to bump my Following on Instagram and sound cloud to 10K plus And for me to be able to monetize office both.  I learned that a lot are things niggas farmers I can do I'm on. And to stop being so dependent on folks. Learn my worth and I know my words so nobody can ever make me feel this then the VVS stone I am.

The Media Blast:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Samuélli Léon:  I see myself with at least one platinum or diamond song or even album my artist that I manage our millionaires or at least 1000naires, my Nigerian artist being crowned the Bob Marley of his time and my female artist being crowned as the Queen of her genres Am I can retire with my bed wife Vacation around the world and make some babies lol

The Media Blast:  What plans do you have for the rest of this year?
Samuélli Léon:  To accomplish reaching 500 K to one million streams and having 1 of my artist as well  Achieve this.

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