[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Rallo Gesus | IG @RalloGesus


          Today's MEDIA BLAST featured artist spotlight is on rising Atlanta, GA based hip hop recording artist RALLO GESUS!  Get familiar with the artist below. 

          Born and raised in SW Atlanta, Georgia. He is an indubitable polished rapper who understands all to well the dynamics of living in the ghetto. His parents split when he was young. This made him mature very fast in a lot of ways. Always having had the gift of connecting with people, Rallo Gesus., became interested in acting and signed with Jumandi productions as a child. He enrolled in North Atlanta High School's Arts Academy.Rallo Gesus. is grounded and ready to let the world know who he is. He has life stories to share with the world expressed through rap. Through this he wants you to become part of making his dream a reality. With his initiative he wants to go beyond the normal expectations set by mainstream.
          During his career he led his group MaSON (Mama’s son) vigorously throughout the southeast region. Realizing the fan following and gaining creative control, Rallo G. started his own record label, MaSON Inc. Records, and The Royal Family. He has skillfully completed two solo albums and the MaSON Inc. mixed tape. He has artist (, Lil Ace) signed to the label. In recent times he completed his first video “Hustle til I Die”. The goals of Rallo Gesus. are to work on other pending projects of his label and search for opportunities to expand his degree of reaching his audience. While working with several artists, from the south such as Coool Breeze of the Dungeon Family, The Attic Crew, Jimmy Swagger (4th Generation Productions), Bohagon and Sean Paul (YoungBloodZ), he has gained the respect and experience as a professional in the industry. He has preformed with Young Dro, Field Mob, Trick Daddy, Scotty ATL, Gorilla Zoe and BASS LEGENDS such as Kilo, Raheem, 69 boyz, MC Shy D. The world is ready for Rallo Gesus. with the crisp writings of an enthusiastic rapper from the south. With his creative style and original sound the world is ready to welcome him. The lead single "DOPE MONEY" ft. KING FLOATY prod by CHRIS FLAME is already rattling trunks and club speakers and all over the Internet and the southeast region. It is a statement of a lifestyle. "That song is bigger than me", says Rallo Gesus., "it lets the world know who I am, what we are, and the mentality of young men coming from.


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