Jorje Fresco Promotions cosigns TWICY's "Gimme Love" single

The new single and music video "Gimme Love" from Ghanaian pop star / African singing sensation TWICY is exploding all over the world with special thanks to media outlets such as The Media Blast, Blacktopia, BRYT TV, and many more!  Many DJs, record pools, podcasters and promoters have gotten their hands on the record as well and they love what they are hearing.  One of the latest promoters to get their hand on the single and to strongly support Twicy's music is the West Coast of America stationed rising promotion company Jorje Fresco Promotions.  This is what Jorje Fresco the man behind the company had to say once reviewing the single and video.......

"Ya I love that beat and the mood it gets me in.  This the kinda song when you with ya girl and just chillin.  Got them good vibes nothin better in that happy mood nothing can tare ya'll apart.  Ya'll got that kind of love that's when ya'll walk in a room that both ya eyes on each other. This that good vibin kinda song HAPPY MOOD KINDA SONG. THAT STRONG LOVE FOR EACH OTHER IT JUST GETS YOU IN THAT MOOD VIBIN. APOLIGIZE SO LATE. BUT BEEN DOIN ALOTTA THINGS ABOUT THIS ACCIDENT IVE BEEN IN FAMILY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH." - Jorje Fresco of Jorje Fresco Promotions.

True indeed.

Jorje Fresco of Jorje Fresco Promotions is certainly loving it!  Jorje also stated that he will support the single and get behind the video as well.  So far many of Jorje's business and music contacts enjoy the single and visuals of "Gimme Love" as well.  Get more information on Jorje Fresco Promotions at the direct link below

Blacktopian, Media Blast featured artist and Ghanaian pop singer TWICY's new music video and single "Gimme Love" is now "getting love" on one of the largest television stations in GHANA, BRYT TV.  Congratulations to TWICY!  Watch the music video at the direct link below

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Ghanaian pop singer and songwriter TWICY's latest single "Gimme Love" has been blazing radio stations all across the content of Africa, and the music video to accompany the single has been featured on many major television networks in Ghana and neighboring countries.  In the latter half of 2019 the single also made a huge splash and impact on several American stations from terrestrial to internet live streams to podcast playlists, and one of the recent live streams to get behind the powerful new song by the Ghanaian super star is TRACK TALK RADIO the non stop independent hip hop live stream that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year round.  Twicy's single has even been played in rotation along with many of the other hit singles and tracks.

Fusion recording artist, lyricist and prominent businessman Reime Schemes who powers the newly talked about indie live stream is really loving Twicy's music.  Reime Schemes has also performed in many of the countries in Africa as well.  It's only a matter of time the two powerhouse recording artists cross paths and perhaps tour Africa together.

Run the live stream TRACK TALK RADIO on your device by clicking the link below

Watch and listen to the latest music video from Twicy "Gimme Love" at the direct link below.

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