Prominent businesswoman, director, screenwriter and indie film producer Felicia Rivers (of Geechee One Films) recently threw her hat in the ring in the "streaming wars" by releasing the official Geechee One Mobile App, the app that features original content such as films, television shows and music by Geechee One Films and associated production companies, affiliates and partners.  The Geechee One App was released on Christmas Eve and hosts a plethora of solid material and content.  Classic Geeche One Films such as Twerk, I Used To Love Her and others are currently on the app available for streaming, as well as new original movies like 7 Days 2 Christmas that stars Yesterday Night Taped writer and performer D'ara Gray in the leading role of Ashley, and more.  The movies Angel's Revenge and Walk It Off will be coming to the Geechee One Film app very soon.

Now that we've entered the new decade 2020, the Geechee One executive has no plans to slow down anytime soon.  She has a full schedule ahead of her and has plans of taking over!

Here is what's on the agenda for Geechee One Films in early 2020....

Jan 21st:  Treasure Box rehearsal
Felicia Rivers and the actors of the upcoming Treasure Box project will prepare for upcoming shoots.

Jan 29: Big Duke Nasty western rehearsal
Geechee One Films is preparing to release their first western flick, shot in South Carolina titled Big Duke Nasty!

Feb 1st: Its A B$tch Birthday at the San Diego Black Film Festival
On February 1st get ready, It's A B$tch Birthday will be at the San Diego Black Film Festival.  It's A B$tch Birthday also has stand up comedienne and Yesterday Night Taped performer Laquita Johnson in a small but very memorable role!  Stream the film on The Geechee One App. here at 

Feb 6: Tentative Film Day
Geechee One Films plan to start shooting on this day.

Feb 8 Its A B$tch Birthday at the Reels of the Dead Horror Film Festival in Atlanta
Geechee One Films' It's A B$tch Birthday was selected at The Reels of Dead Horror Film Festival in Atlanta, GA.  

Feb 9: South Carolina Underground Music Awards 4 film nominations, actress Donna Joseph nominated, director me and J Paul nominated, film writer nomination, etc.
Feb. 9th is the official South Carolina Underground Music Awards.  Geechee One Film mainstay Donna Joseph has been nominated in the category of best actress, J Paul (Geechee One Film's go to director) and Felicia Rivers have been nominated in the category of Best Director and several other nominations as well.  

Feb 22nd: 7 Days 2 Christmas at the 1st Black History Month Film Festival in Queens, NY
The new Geechee One Film 7 Days 2 Christmas (starring Yesterday Night Taped's D'ara Gray) has been selected for the 1st Black History Month Film Festival in Queens, NY.

March 30th: Filming Zombie Cheerleaders
Felicia Rivers will be filming and shooting footage for Zombie Cheerleaders in Charlotte, NC as well as other locations.  

April 6th to 9th: Filming in Los Angeles, CA
Felicia Rivers and the Geechee One Films crew will be filming in Los Angeles, CA

Keep checking back for more updates, and also visit the official Geechee One promo page at

Get familiar with Geechee One Films mainstay, stand up comedienne and actress Laquita Johnson.  Laquita Johnson is also a performer on the critically acclaimed audio sketch comedy podcast YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED which is available to stream on Spotify, Deezer, Spreaker, and iHeart Radio!

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