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Sketch Credits
The Season Premier of Yesterday Night Taped

Sketches & Credits (The Sketches are in Order of Appearance)

Cold Opening Sketch:   Fred Talk with Gary Bobbins
Written by James Draper
Performed by James Draper (Gary Bobbins), James Tavelle (Announcer)

Opening Credits

Jonathan's Monologue
Written by Shannon Canton, James Draper and Jonathan Coleman
Performed by Jonathan Coleman

Clean Up on Aisle Tree
Written by Bob Campbell
Performed by James Tavelle (The Man Arguing with Woman), Katherine Renka (Woman),
John Halsey (Man #1 and Man #2 at the end of Sketch)

Written by Nathan "Spongy" Gibbons
Performed by Andre Davis Jr. (Marcus), Veronica Pierce (Janet), Katherine Renka (Chloe), Niana Renee (Shanice)

Senior Citizen Vs. The Automated System
Written by Melinda "Kreative Koins" Parker
Performed by Johnny Ray (James Lingham), Sarah Golding (The Automated System), and Chamar Little (Brandon the Pharmacist)

Talking with Tracy Morgan
Written by Jonathan Coleman
Performed by Jonathan Coleman (Tracy Morgan), Louis Castle (DJ Fuzz Nugget), Monique Greene (Olivia Washington)

Musical Performance
Kula Voncille "Hobosexual"

Volunteer Firefighters
Written by James Draper
Performed by James Draper (Greg), Jonathan Coleman (Steve) Louis Castle (Mike and Jerry)
Chamar Little (Announcer), Monique Greene (Dispatcher)

Get It In Resort
Written by Niana Renee
Performed by Niana Renee (The Receptionist), D'ara Gray (Mrs. Walker)

A Date With Niecy Knockers
Written by Jonathan Coleman and Laquita Johnson
Performed by Laquita Johnson (Niecy Knockers), Jonathan Coleman (Steve)
James Draper (Greg the Waiter and The Random Niecy Knockers Fan at The End)

Columbo & Jeff Goldblum at The Theater
Written by Johnny Ray
Performed by Johnny Ray (Columbo / Peter Falk, and Jeff Goldblum), Piper Dean (Man #1 and Man #2), Monique Greene (Woman in the Theater)

Musical Performance
Kula Voncille "Beast Mode"

The Ending

Written by Jonathan Coleman
Performed by Jonathan Coleman


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