KEMETIC FITNESS AND WELLNESS will help improve your life for 2019!

     It's that time of the year again where many people make new years resolutions to improve and better their lives for the upcoming new year.  People make these promises and stick to them in the few months, start off strong in January, but often fall off the wagon as the year continues.  To ensure that you stay on the right path with your fitness and wellness journey, we encourage readers to look into Kemetic Fitness and Wellness.   Kemetic Fitness and Wellness' mission is to empower clients to create and maintain healthy life patterns to support self-reliance, stronger families, and strengthen success of community involvement. For consultation and additional information on how Kemetic Fitness and Wellness can help you and better your life and overall health e-mail Basu Lauren at

Here is a description of some of the Services Kemetic Fitness and Wellness provides.  

Kemetic Yoga:  A journey of mindfulness and balancing of the mind-body-spirit. 

Kemetic Reiki:  Energy work that supports clients in restoring balance to the body's energetic centers. 

Vibrational sound therapy:  A relaxation service that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which may stimulate pain relief, stress relief, and the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Yoni(Vaginal) steaming:  A therapy treatment for women to cleanse and stimulate well-being to the womb through steam herbal infusion. 

Detox therapy:  21-day plan that helps to promote well-being in ones' mind-body-spirit. 

Kemetic Fitness and Wellness Products:  Herbal pads, and smudge sticks.

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