[ARTISTS ON BLAST] Dee Jizzle - From Memphis to the Mainstage: Unleashing the Musical Brilliance of Dee Jizzle

Official Website: www.DeeJizzle.com

Bio: Dee Jizzle, born Derrick Johnson, is a talented rapper, singer, and musician hailing from Memphis, Tennessee.  He first gained recognition in the music industry with his hit single "Options" in 2017, which propelled him into the spotlight. After pushing options in 2017, Dee Jizzle was signed to “OFMG” (One Fam Music Group), where he released an R&B single titled “Watchen,” showing his diversity and musical range. Dee Jizzle has since been nominated for numerous awards, including the Memphis Hip Hop Awards, showcasing his undeniable talent and dedication to his craft.


In 2021, Dee Jizzle made a huge impact in the industry by signing with Ugly Money Entertainment. With this new partnership, he is poised to take his career to new heights and reach even more fans with his unique sound and style.


Known for his high-energy stage presence and infectious beats, Dee Jizzle has become a favorite among audiences and fellow musicians alike. He has a natural talent for creating music that makes people want to dance and groove, and his passion for his art shines through in every performance.


As a rising star in the rap and hip hop scene, Dee Jizzle is definitely one to watch. With his catchy hooks, smooth delivery, and diverse musical range, he is sure to continue making waves and gaining new fans for years to come.