[MUSIC ON BLAST] Curren$y & Jermaine Dupri "Essence Fest" | FOR MOTIVATIONAL USE ONLY


Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri have united to bring the bounce back to hip hop. The duo dropped their new single "Essence Fest" from their upcoming joint project titled For Motivational Use Only, giving early 2000s urban music vibes with a modern day twist. Curren$y and JD take this track to another level, blending Curren$y's signature smooth and laid back flow with Dupri's in-your-face and hype beats. With "Essence Fest," Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri have proven that their collaboration is one for the books and has us all eagerly awaiting the release of For Motivational Use Only. We can't wait to see what the dynamic duo has in store. Be sure to check out Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri's "Essence Fest" and stay tuned for more from For Motivational Use Only. The Media Blast gives Curren$y and Dupri's latest effort two thumbs up! A thumb for each of them!

Stream the audio for the single at the direct YouTube link below.

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