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          The Media Blast has always shinned a light on up-and-coming brands, and businesses that deserve the spotlight and media attention, however moving forward our esteemed platform will acknowledge several prominent businesses, owners, and brands several times a week starting with today's feature, the beloved Marie's Home, LLC.  Marie's Home, LLC provides homemade selfcare, beauty, skin care, and aromatherapy products created from organic, chemical free, and all natural ingredients.  Marie's Home is stationed in the heart of North Carolina and serves the community with a safer, chemical free alternative to the leading brands that are known to do more harm in the long run than good, not just to the environment, but to the skin, body and overall health of those who consume the materials.  

          Marie's Home, LLC provides a vast array of amazing products for daily use that will certainly enhance your overall skincare, beauty and health regimen.  Marie's Home, LLC has items in stock ranging from oils, soaps, scrubs, various scents, and more.  Also new items will be available for purchase right on the site starting here in the month of November!  

Take advantage of deals and special offers as well by visiting the official website http://www.MariesHomeLLC.com

Take a look at some of the photos of just some of their top selling items below.

All natural Beard Growth oil
with Vitamin D.

Many soaps, oils, and more provided by Marie's Home, LLC

Candles by Marie's Home, LLC (http://www.MariesHomeLLC.com)

More Soaps and Product provided by Marie's Home, LLC. (http://www.MariesHomeLLC.com)

Get familiar with the owner of Marie's Home, LLC, the esteemed Shantel Archbold!

As a single mother of 4 children, it was rare that I had the opportunity to splurge on going to spas and investing in skin care products to build and uplift myself.  Often times I felt out of sorts and completely overwhelmed.  

Deciding to love on yourself should not come with making life altering decisions.  Although I love mainstream competitors, I couldn't afford their products on a regular basis.  I also could not afford to go to massage therapists and pay outlandish prices for an hour of relief.  

So I began making amazing products right in my kitchen!  Truly quality products that allow my skin to feel luxurious and truly give me a reset and a recharge.

I designed Marie's home as a homeopathic wellness shop where you can purchase quality products and therapeutic massages for people of all skin and body types. - Shantel Archbold.  

Visit the official website at http://www.MariesHomeLLC.com


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