[BUSINESS ON BLAST] The Best Tasting Pastries in the Carolinas goes to KISHA'S KAKES | Charlotte, NC Business


This week's Business on Blast Spotlight is dedicated to one of the best pastry and dessert making businesses in The Carolinas if not the entire southeast region of the United States, Kisha's Kakes!  Order her delicious "Kakes" and find out why for yourself.  Kisha's Kakes offers a vast array of delicious desserts from cookies to cakes, to pies, and every tasty treat you can think of in between, and speaking of "in between", each and every one of Kisha's items are laced with appetizing ingredients "in between" every inch and bite, with rich "goodness" oozing out of every drop.  

Take a look at some of the mouthwatering sweets below and tell us what you think for yourselves in the comments below.  

Colorful and tasteful!

Kisha's Kakes also has extravagant birthday cakes for all ages.

Big, beautiful cupcakes and mini cakes that pack a huge taste all by Kisha's Kakes!

Thick, rich, creamy donuts by Kisha's Kakes!

Absolutely edible and delectable cupcakes. 
All by Kisha's Kakes!

Just look at the delicious frosting just sliding down the side of the poundcake.

"Kisha's Kakes" has been the cornerstone of the baking and dessert industry in Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities for the past few years, serving the community with delicious, memorable cakes, cookies, donuts and assorted pastries and other sweet tasting goodies.  The owner, simply known as "Kisha" learned how to bake watching and studying her mother and began making cakes herself in 2009.  Although Kisha's specialty and one of her best selling items are Pound Cakes, Kisha's favorite dessert to create are "Mini Cakes".  Kisha's Kakes flavor selection is endless!!   

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