[INTERVIEW]: SLOW CHEMICAL talks about the upcoming 3rd installment of SERVING ALL MASTERS and more!


Hip Hop recording artist (and comic book creator / indie filmmaker) Slow Chemical AKA his government name Ryan White talks to us (The Media Blast) about his upcoming EP, the 3rd installment in his critically acclaimed Serving All Masters series.  Read all about what he has to say about the upcoming final installment in the Serving All Masters trilogy in the interview below.  

The Media Blast:  What's up Slow Chemical, how are you?

Slow Chemical:  I am good thanks for asking.

The Media Blast: You are now gearing up to release the 3rd installment of the Serving All Masters Trilogy, what can listeners expect to hear on this EP?  
Slow Chemical:  It is a mix of volume 1 and volume 2. Volume 1 was more lyrics-based volume 2 was a lot more catchy both just happened that way. 3 is its own thing but definitely pays homage to both while ending the trilogy in the correct way.

The Media Blast: You usually have great guests on your EPs, who are some of the guest vocalist listeners can expect on Vol. 3 of Serving All Masters?
Slow Chemical:  The tracks are not done yet but in a week or so I can announce the names. 

The Media Blast:  As far as production, what type of beats can listeners expect to hear on the upcoming project?
Slow Chemical:  Only three producers are on this project, Gemstarpro, Kio, and myself and it is more deliberate beats in your face type of tracks.

The Media Blast: What are some of the topics and subjects that you address on this upcoming EP?
Slow Chemical:  Honestly think about Lyricist Lounge or Rawkus Records best way I can describe it.

The Media Blast:  What plans do you have for the rest of 2022?  
Slow Chemical:  Dropping the EP after that I don't know. Lot of ideas nothing finalized yet outside of that.


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