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Waist Beads are more than just a trendy, fashionable accessory.  Wearing waist beads has been an African custom and practice that has been passed and handed down from generation to generation for many centuries.  Wearing them symbolizes femininity, sensuality, fertility, and spiritual well-being.  Alaiyo Waistbeads knows all about the history and intrinsic value of Waist Beads and it's use and has used that knowledge to present an enhanced but upscale / stylish version of what our African ancestors wore.  Alaiyo Waistbeads is an ancient practice but for the modern girl.  Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads by visiting their official website at http://www.Alaiyo.net

These are some of the pieces and strands that come from Alaiyo. 

Alaiyo Waistbeads also works directly with clients to give voice to the energies they would like to amplify and then create custom strands that will work with them.

Alaiyo strands are inspired by nature; expressing animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities. Each strand holds within it vibrations which solicit the manifesting power of the Great Mother. These vibrations help remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. When placed at the solar plexus, the strands assist us on our journey to embody confidence and strength from the place where our outward, engaging, creativity and ego meet. This orbit of our belly center resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and tie them there.



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