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In this week's MEDIA BLAST EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, we speak with rising rap recording artist, musician, fashion designer and prominent businessman Don Modus!  

The Media Blast:  How are you?

Don Modus:  I’m doing great thanks for having me. 

The Media Blast:  Who is Don Modus the artist, and who is Don Modus the man?

Don Modus: My music stays true to my life and reflects who I am as a man. I’m a hustler from Brooklyn trying to make it in an over-saturated genre of music. I’m all about hard work, financial growth and living life to the fullest.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to get into music?

Don Modus:  I’ve always preferred hip hop over any other genre and my lifestyle was very similar to a lot of the lyrics I was hearing in my favorite songs. It seemed like a natural fit for me and I started taking it seriously in 2016/2017. My first couple studio sessions were with THEMXXNLIGHT who have a bunch of features with Wiz Khalifa and helped me get started.

The Media Blast:  Who are some of your musical influences?

Don Modus:  Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and Jay Z. They all expanded beyond music to influence the fashion industry for years. This is something I wish to accomplish as well.

The Media Blast:  Who are some of the artists that you listen to now?  

Don Modus:  Money Man, Future, Lil Uzi, Young Dolph (RIP), Lil Baby and G Herbo.

The Media Blast:  We see that you played basketball, do you still play?

Don Modus:  Not as much as I want to but yea I still go by the park to get some runs in. 

The Media Blast:  Who is your favorite player, and why?

Don Modus:  Dwyane Wade because I grew up watching him. The first NBA game I ever watched on tv was the 2006 NBA Finals Miami Heat VS Dallas Mavericks. He lit them up all series in one of the greatest performances in finals’ history. Since then, I’ve often bought tickets to watch when he visits NY.

The Media Blast:  What's your team?

Don Modus:  I’ve got 2 teams. I’m a Miami Heat fan first and foremost because of the previous story and then I’m a Brooklyn Nets fan because that’s my hometown team. My high school graduation was even held in the Nets Arena.

The Media Blast:  What advice would you give other artists?

Don Modus:  Make sure you have a way to consistently fund your artistic endeavors. A lot of new artists don’t realize the financial commitment it is to create and promote new work. 

The Media Blast:  What was the best advice you were given, not as an artist, but about life?

Don Modus:  Someone told me that no matter what path you choose in life; you’re going to experience the full range of emotions. This helps keep challenging moments in perspective.

The Media Blast:  Moving on to your current single and video "Peter Pan", how would you describe the single?

Don Modus:  The single was a big step forward in terms of the quality that my brand brings. The beat came out on fire and we made it in-house with my partner HitsByJude. We shot the video in Atlanta with a higher production quality than my previous videos. We had lots of cool lighting, a Benz, actors wearing clothes from my brand and dope visual effects.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to select this song as your current single?

Don Modus:  Out of all the songs I have in my vault this was the one I found myself listening to over and over again. It has one of my favorite beats for sure.

The Media Blast:  You also have a clothing brand, could you tell the readers a little about it?

Don Modus:  Yea sure, thanks for asking. My clothing brand is called “Collective” by Don Modus. I named it Collective because that’s what I’m trying to build with my network. I want to create a community where you’re embraced by your beliefs and not your appearance. That’s also why I use a ski mask often as a graphic element.

The Media Blast:  What's the worst thing you've experienced in the music industry and how did you bounce back from it or learn from it?

Don Modus:  Wasting money on fake promoters. I’m sure all other independent artists can relate to what I’m saying. There’s all types of “Social Media Experts” on Instagram that charge you a premium for fake streams. I had to do a bunch of trial and error before I found promoters that I can trust to do good organic work.

The Media Blast:  What are 3 milestones that you've had in your music career so far?

Don Modus:  I came in second place in a hip hop showcase in New York City. I secured the trademark for my logo and brand name “Don Modus”. I hit over 100 thousand views on YouTube across my music videos.

The Media Blast:  What does 2022 look like for Don Modus?  

Don Modus:  Bigger production and better skills like every year. I’m only 23 and I know the type of artist that I’ll become. I’m excited to bring y’all better videos, better clothes and more live shows. 

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