[BUSINESS]: Slayed Lyfe, LLC introduces a SAFER HEALTHIER alternative to the leading commercial HAIRCARE BRANDS & PRODUCTS


          While the world is still currently experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are more reported cases of people being infected by the virus daily, and although the survival rate is still very high even without being vaccinated many people in the world are starting to take their health even more seriously to ensure their survival during this worldwide health scare.  Health doesn't start and stop with your diet, exercise and the occasional check up on mental health matters, health includes everything from your lifestyle, to what products you use and how you treat yourself, and that also includes the what products you use on your hair and how you treat it.

          Plenty of individuals are starting to wake up and realize that plenty of the mainstream, name brand commercial haircare products are not as healthy or in some cases safe to use on their hair.  Many of the leading products are laced with harmful chemicals that damage the hair in the long run, infect your skill and also active as well as feed cancer cells.  The major corporations use these chemicals so that the products have a longer shelf life and so that it's easier for them to mass produce the products on a larger scale, all in order to make a larger profit, and increase their bottom line.  Smaller companies are starting to take note, and one up and coming brand has taken the initiative and has now released a safer, and much healthier alternative to the leading brands. 

          Slayed Lyfe Hair offers chemical free, organic, all natural beauty and haircare products that are much safer and healthier for the hair and skin.  The products provided by Slayed Lyfe have been field tested, approved and will guarantee the user results.  Slayed Lyfe has everything from natural shampoos, conditioners, oils, hair growth product and more!  

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