[INTERVIEW]: BLAZED UP recording artist POP-LODI talks about his future, music and MORE! | Instagram: @Pop_Lodi_90z_Cloth

          The Media Blast sits down with rising hip hop recording artist Pop Lodi to talk about his future plans, hooking up with Blazed Up Records, Abiss, his music and more!  


Pop Lodi (@pop_lodi_90z_cloth) • Instagram photos and videos

The Media Blast:  How are you Pop Lodi?

Pop Lodi:  I'm grateful

The Media Blast:  How would you sum up 2020 as a whole?
Pop Lodi:  2020 was crazy wild I got things done, but it was a wake up call kind of year

The Media Blast:  What are you looking forward to in 2021?  What plans do you have?
Pop Lodi:  Putting in more and more work.  The year of my mark in this rap thing 

The Media Blast:  What projects are you working on?  
Pop Lodi:  I have two projects I'm dropping in 2021 Revelations of a Lyricists album, and The God Body (12:84) album

The Media Blast:  How did you get connected with Blazed Up Records?
Pop Lodi:  From a friend of a friend. Right place right time I guess

The Media Blast:  What's it like working with Abiss, the head of Blazed Up Records?
Pop Lodi:  She keeps me in the game.  With certain things other people wouldn't tell you. In other words she knows her paper work part of the business. Believes in me more than I do.

The Media Blast:  Who would you like to work with that you haven't worked with already?
Pop Lodi:  I mean it's a few heads that really rock with what I'm doing and they will come once they catch on.  To be real I like working with people I've networked with and met in other cities because the love is more genuine.  If I bump into you at the right time let's get it.  You get ya love last home, dudes be moving funny out here you know?

The Media Blast:  Where do you see yourself and your music career in 3 more years?
Pop Lodi:  3 more years let me say I'll be one of those artists that once you mention my name they'll be like "yeah" if you get my drift if not now.  3 more years I wanna be in other cities! Towns! Countries! Quiet money!

The Media Blast:  Is there anything you would like to plug or any shout outs?
Pop Lodi:  Yeah I wanna give a rest in peace shout out to my big brother Courtney Kelly. Wassup 3× to my brother Cory Mapp be looking out for my upcoming project's you can find me on Facebook Pop Lodi Instagram Pop Lodi 90'z Cloth/Pop Lodi on YouTube as well... enough said!


Pop Lodi "No Regrets" (Official Music Video)

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