The Media Blast recognizes Women's History Month (the month of March), and here at The Media Blast we would like to pay homage, and acknowledge many of the strong, powerful women in the world and in history (or should we say "HER"story) that have broken down barriers, paved the way for other women, set the trends, raised the bar and blazed the road to success and have become amazing inspirational stories for other young developing women.  For this piece, The Media Blast would like to tip our hat to a powerful, influential figure in the music and entertainment world and that's R&B singer, songwriter and seasoned performer Nikia!  

Nikia is a powerful singer and very skilled songwriter.  The talent runs through her blood as she is also the niece of the legendary Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band.

(Dee, Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band and Nikia)

Nikia has performed all over the nation, and in 2019 she released a critically acclaimed LP NO FAIRYTALE that is available on all mobile and digital platforms (Spotify, Tidal, Napster, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music and more).  

Nikia's album NO FAIRYTALE features the singles "Truth Syrum" featuring Wo Billz, "You Had Me" also featuring the rapper Wo Billz, "Sexin'" featuring Dee, and "Do U" with Johnny Will.

Track List for NO FAIRYTALE 
1.  Truth Syrum (featuring Wo Billz)
2.  You Had Me (featuring Wo Billz)
3.  Dayja Vu (featuring Dee)
4.  No Sorrys
5.  True Love
6.  Sexin' (featuring Dee)
7.  FFF (Featuring Cali Cartel)
8.  Do U (Featuring Johnny Will)
9.  Heaven Send Me an Angel (featuring Wo Billz & Dee)
10.  Beautiful Me

Many women love Nikia's music because her song lyrics is so relatable.  Many women experience the situations Nikia sings about in her ballads.  Nikia touches on everything from cheating boyfriends, to stepping into your sexual side and being comfortable in the skin you are in, lies, drama, and more!  Listen to her album, sit back and allow Nikia to take you on a journey using her superb songwriting / storytelling abilities.  Many of Nikia's songs could be the premise to a movie.  

Nikia and her music was recently featured on the New Hollywood Online blog!  Check out her feature in the article link below!  Keep checking back for more updates on Nikia and her music videos.

Nikia and the director of many of her classic music videos such as "Do U", "Truth Syrum", "Sexin'" and "You Had Me" Jimmy Blanco was featured in the prestigious GA based entertainment and music media blog / website UniqMusicMedia!  The feature mainly focuses on the working business relationship and chemistry between Nikia's on camera direction and Jimmy Blanco's expert eye and direction to help bring Nikia's hit singles to life!  Read the excellent article at the direct link below....
Get more updates, tour dates, news, music reviews, interviews, new music and more on Nikia by visiting her official website http://www.SoundsOfNikia.com  

What is your favorite Nikia song?  Post your favorite Nikia tune in the comment section below.  

Another reason we praise Nikia for Women's History Month is because she is always there to support other women, lend an ear, show love and offer assistance as well which is why she has started the Nikia Women Support Group on Facebook!  Visit Nikia's Women Support Group at the direct link below (men are welcome to join and encourage others as well).

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