INTERVIEW with Healthcare Professional and CBD Expert JUANITA PERKINS

The Media Blast sits down with Healthcare professional and CBD Expert Juanita Perkins for an in-depth one on one interview about the health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol), Oxzgen products that use CBD and more!

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The Media Blast:  Hello Juanita how are you? Are you ready for this interview?
I am doing great!  I’m ready, let’s do this!!!

The Media Blast:  Could you tell us a little about CBD?
Sure! CBD or Cannabidiol, is one of 400 compounds found in the hemp plant. It works on the Endocannabinoid system to cause a cascade which causes homeostasis or balance in the body. This is why CBD is so helpful with a variety of chronic illnesses. And in case you are wondering, it does not get you high. The hemp plant where CBD is derived from produces very little THC, the psychoactive molecule found in marijuana.

The Media Blast:  What are the health benefits of using CBD?
CBD helps with a variety of health issues, including inflammation, pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. There have also been studies which shows CBS has effects on Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and other Neurodegenerative diseases, as well as high blood pressure, and cancer pain.

The Media Blast:  How does using the products affect you?
As I’ve stated earlier, CBD has very little THC, the molecule which causes someone to get high. I know for me, it has helped with my hip pain. Daily use of CBD has significantly reduced my pain and I am not limping any longer. For anyone living with pain, not only is it physically debilitating, it also causes changes in mood. CBD helps with both pain and stabilizing mood.

The Media Blast: Who are the types of people you would recommend CBD to?
Anyone who is experiencing any pain or chronic health illness. CBD can also be used to help prevent the development of chronic health illnesses.

The Media Blast: What CBD products do you recommend?
Honestly, for anyone dealing with minor pain, topical CBD products usually do the trick. However, anyone suffering from chronic pain should use a combination of topical creams and tinctures. Dosing of CBD, while specific to the person, should be low and slow. Once you feel relief from symptoms, that should be the dose you use daily.
The CBD product I use daily is Oxzgen CBD. The Oxzgen line of CBD products are of the highest quality. The hemp used is grown in Kentucky and manufactured in a FDA approved and OTC certified facility. The CBD tincture is made of MCT oil, not alcohol, which lends to the mild flavor of the tincture. Oxzgen CBD products helped so much with my pain, I decided to become a Marketing Representative.

The Media Blast:  What are some of the things that people who use Oxzgen CBD have said? What are the results they have gotten from using the product?
There have been so many great testimonies from people who had nothing but awesome things to say about the products:
“Praise the Lord, for PDQ Pain Relief Spray. On the right side of my face, was feeling like I was getting a tooth ache. So I decided to do an experiment and spray the outside of my jaw, and with in ten minutes the pain was gone and still is gone. Amen”.
“The products are amazing that intense pain relief lives up to it’s name. I work a very physical job one night I could not lay down my body ached so bad. I rubbed that pain relief cream on my hips thighs and feet the pain was gone in minutes and I slept like a baby.”
“My husband has frequent aches and pains from past surgeries and injuries, he got INSTANT relief from the PDQ spray w/o all the cost and side effects of drugs.”
Another user saw relief from acne just 1 week after using our Holistic Charcoal Facial Scrub:
“AMAZING PRODUCT…one of the biggest insecurities solved my facial problem Acne. Thanks OXZGEN CHARCOAL FACIAL SCRUB with CBD n Glutathione. My skin is getting lighter, smoother and glowing. Works for any types of skin, Oily and Dry.
These results are from real people who tried the product and had great results. This is in addition to my own testimony I shared earlier. Oxzgen CBD is an awesome product!!

The Media Blast:  What influenced you to sell Oxzgen CBD products?
I was introduced to Oxzgen CBD by someone who saw me experiencing pain and wanted to help. I was somewhat leery in using the product because of my concern with testing positive for THC. He reassured me I would not test positive, but he also respected my concerns. The pain got so bad, I told him I would try using the product, without concern for testing positive. Once I used the product, I researched the company and found the Certificate of Analysis which confirmed there was no THC in the product I used. I was excited to share this product with my patients. I decided to offer Oxzgen CBD products because I treat people with chronic pain and other illnesses who I felt would benefit from using these products. I also saw a benefit for my friends and family who wanted an alternative to opiate medications to manage their pain.

The Media Blast: How long have you been an Oxzgen marketing rep?
I have been an Oxzgen rep since September 2019. This company is unlike any other company I’ve been with in the past. I am a great proponent of alternative medicines and treatments. One of the biggest issues I have found with other companies in the past was their price point was just too high for most of my patients. The products were great, but my patients were unable afford the product. Oxzgen products are very affordable and comparable to other CBD products on the market. This makes it affordable to more people. This makes the product easy to market.
The support and mentoring I have received from the company and my fellow business partners also sets this company apart from others I have been a part of in the past. The company is invested in my success; that was the main reasons I decided to become a Oxzgen CBD marketing rep.

The Media Blast: For those that would like to buy or become a marketing representative of Oxzgen CBD products, how could they go about doing so?
Sure Jonathan! Anyone who would like to become a customer or a marketing rep should go to my website, Folks can also text or call me at 984-209-9462, or simply text “options” to 55469.

The Media Blast:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention?
If anyone out there is interested in using CBD and is unsure how to get started, I provide free consultations and product evaluations. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling my main office at 919-748-3668 or text 919-943-0191. Not local to Durham, NC? No worries, I can also provide telephone and teleconference consultations and product evaluations.
Jonathan, thanks so much for the opportunity to discuss CBD and to introduce Oxzgen CBD products.

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