Interview with Author R. Coxton

Veteran top selling author Randy Coxton has released many critically acclaimed books and recently was featured on the prestigious Blacktopia website after releasing one of his latest titles "The Dick Had Me Dizzy".  Now, The Media Blast sits down with the well respected author to discuss his latest book projects and get into the mind of this brilliant writer.

The Media Blast:  How are you Mr. Randy Coxton?
Author Randy Coxton:  I am great . Thank you for this opportunity.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to become an author?
Author Randy Coxton:  I always had a passion for writing but life happens. I delved more into it as an outlet while going through a divorce.

The Media Blast:  What was your first book?
Author Randy Coxton:  Deceived, it was a interracial romance. I released it later under a different title.

The Media Blast:  What books have you written so far?
Author Randy Coxton:  I’ve written over 36 books , ghostwritten as well.

The Media Blast:  How would you describe your style as an author?
Author Randy Coxton:  Realism , I have had the opportunity to dabble in a few different genres

The Media Blast: Could you tell the readers about your latest book The Dick Had Me Dizzy?
Author Randy Coxton:  It’s basically about a guy who loves power. Whether it’s in the boardroom or bedroom. His release of stress is BDSM. But being one to never commit he is tested when he meets someone who turns his world upside down.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to title the book The Dick Had Me Dizzy?
Author Randy Coxton:  BDSM has always peeked my interest. Also, we sometime as African Americans have a taboo view at sex sometimes. I wanted to give readers a peek into a taboo subject.

The Media Blast: Where did you draw inspiration from the characters in the book? 
Author Randy Coxton:  I drew from my own curiosity for BDSM.

The Media Blast: Are any of the characters in The Dick Had Me Dizzy modeled after you?
Author Randy Coxton:  No, lol.

The Media Blast: What type of audience would enjoy this book the most?
Author Randy Coxton:  Women are usually my target audience

The Media Blast:  What's next for you as an author?
Author Randy Coxton:   Basically, working on my all natural soap and scrub line as well as my next release.

The Media Blast:  Is there anything else you would like to mention that we haven't mentioned already in this interview?
Author Randy Coxton: A little something from my next release… Imagine waking up to the news your ex is dead and your next. Mynx still reeling from the breakup is thrown into a paranormal world guarded by Tariq. Tariq dark, mysterious protects her Malachi, her ex Rasheed's brother whose hellbent on revenge.

Check out the latest book THE DICK HAD ME DIZZY at the direct link below....

"The Dick Had Me Dizzy" (Standalone) by R.Coxton

Synopsis.....Link to book click Here. 

“Money is the root of all evil” or so they say. For self-made millionaire Magnus Williams there’s no evil when the word “NO” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary that includes getting the women you want but don’t necessarily need. Cristal is the woman men only dream of having. Business savvy with a game plan to get to the top, she will ride with the perfect one as long as the price is right. But what happens when circumstances force the man who doesn’t understand the word “NO” and the woman who just wants to have it all together.


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