ADVOCATE for victims of Sexual Assault KATRINA THOMAS blasts comedian LOUIS C.K.

Earlier this week on Monday, Oct. 29th in New York, comedian Louis C.K. took the stage for a comeback comedy performance and Members of the #MeToo Movement, victims and advocates for victims of sexual assault made their voices loud and clear by protesting during his comedy show... throughout the week many other people and advocates of victims of sexual assault have been speaking up and speaking out against the comedian.

Recently, respected community leader, proud mother, businesswoman and advocate for women who have been victims of sexual assault Katrina Thomas spoke out against the comic briefly during an open forum discussion online held with members of the prestigious "Blacktopia" movement.  This is what Katrina Thomas had to say about the performer.

 I feel like this is a very disrespectful comedian who says things about women and we as women already fight hard to be recognized as good business people successful and for a man to come out and insult us with sexual statements and things that makes us look bad it's not good we need men to back up our women to show that we are people of empowerment too and we make a difference we don't need to be joked about and laughed at when it comes to sexual things that is something that is private and degrading to us as women. He should not be able to just walk back on stage. Plus he denied for awhile. Woman need respect just like men
And we have become strong voices in business and more. This must stop uplift and encourage woman, and me being an Advocate makes me really feel some type of way . Because we have victims who suffer at the hands of sexually Abuse. This is what I do for my organization it's a insult to our work to heal ones in Abusive Situations - Katrina Thomas

The comedian took time out of the spotlight after he was accused of sexual misconduct in an expose from November 2017. Five women recalled instances where the comic would masturbate in front of them or ask if he could, and the "Louie" star subsequently issued a statement admitting the claims were all very much true.

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