Laquita Johnson's name has been bubbling hard in the underground comedy scene in Charleston, SC especially after a recent video clip of part of her stand-up routine went viral, now the budding comic has been getting more and more attention, and performing at numerous venues around the south.  Her recent buzz has also lead to more acting work among other things.  Laquita Johnson is also an additional performer / featured player on the upcoming audio sketch comedy show Yesterday Night Taped which the show's first season is set for a late 2019 release.

The Media Blast recently caught up with this rising southern star and all around funny woman for a quick one on one interview about her recent success, upcoming projects and more!  Read all about her below.

The Media Blast:  How are you Laquita Johnson, are you ready for this interview?
Laquita Johnson:  Hello I'm doing well. Thanks for asking. Yes, I think so.

The Media Blast:  What inspired you to want to pursue a career in comedy?
Laquita Johnson:  Well I met a guy in a bar who said he liked my voice and was wondering if I ever thought about doing stand up comedy.

The Media Blast: How long have you been doing stand up comedy? 

Laquita Johnson:   I started in 2011, but I've took some time off to explore other options. 

The Media Blast:  Who are some of your favorite comedians and influences?  
Laquita Johnson:  Some of my favorite comedians are Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, Sheryl Underwood and Kevin Hart. 

The Media Blast: You are also an actress, what got you into acting?
Laquita Johnson:  Well I've always wanted to be an actress since I was a kid. I'm just very entertaining.

The Media Blast:  What are some of the roles you've had as an actress so far?  
Laquita Johnson:  I recently played a women named Pauline a woman living with lupus in a movie called Mark of a Butterfly that's coming out next year.

The Media Blast:  As an actress what would be your dream role or dream project?
Laquita Johnson:  Oh I'm not going to tell you that, that's between me and God.

The Media Blast:  Getting back to comedy, how would you describe yourself as a comedienne?
Laquita Johnson: I'm a silly person.  I like to joke about things I've gone through and things from my point of view.

The Media Blast:  What would you say has been one of your biggest milestones as a comedienne so far?
Laquita Johnson:  Finding the time to do it. I work a lot at my other jobs plus I have a family I belong to.

The Media Blast:  What would you say has been one of your biggest milestones as an actress so far?
Laquita Johnson:  Finding roles to play and finding the time to be apart of a film.

The Media Blast: You are also a featured player / additional performer on the upcoming audio sketch comedy show Yesterday Night Taped which is currently still in production, what has been your experience working on the show so far?
Laquita Johnson:  Yes I am, and I'm very excited about this project. The experience has been great I cant wait for people to hear the character(s) that I play! 

The Media Blast:  What can listeners expect from you as apart of the show Yesterday Night Taped?
Laquita Johnson:  Well I don't want to give it all away wink wink but the character I play is an Adult film actress on a date with a friend having some friendly conversation when she get approached by a fan who want to work with her in his van.

The Media Blast:  What plans do you have for the year 2020?
Laquita Johnson:  To be the Best me I can be.

The Media Blast:  Is there anything you would like to plug? Any shout outs? 
Laquita Johnson:  Yes. I'm also part of a murder mystery dinner show called the Dinner Detective show here in Charleston it's where you come to a four course meal with hors d'oeuvre , salad, main dish chicken or fish which is salmon that I recommend because it's so delicious and than dessert but some one dies and you got to figure out why any who done it! There's also table actors in involved and there are some detective interrogation the room.

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